Neighborhood Map Stephanstreet 60 and Perleberger Street 16 in Berlin Mitte

Neighborhood Map Friedrichstreet 17
at Check Point Charly in Kreuzberg border to Mitte

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Restaurant Arema Café Thea and Coffee

Restaurant Dicker Engel

Restaurant Lichtblick

Restaurant Osmanya

Restaurant Paris Moskau (am Hauptbahnhof)

Café Valladares Feinkost

Umgebungs Highlights ...

Auto Classic Remise

Wellness Vabalil Spa

Webpage Anderl Kammermeier

Art Galery Art Installations

Arminius Market Halle

BARs in the neighborhood

INTERFACE GAMING BAR in Perleberger Str. 17


transport/taxi ...

Cab/Taxi Würfelfunk +49 30 210101 (call ca. 6 minutes prior to departure in common trafic situations)

Metro Plans Welcome Card

useful links

Cafe Buchwald Cakes and traditional coffee house

Market Hall Page Market Hall WWW

Market Hall Event Calendar

Public Pool Tiergarten 900 meter away from us

Environmental badge for cars